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Each business or company  operate in a specific sector, industry, or region governed by certain principles of ESG and sustainability reporting or regulatory  requirements. It is appreciated that risks and opportunities associated with ESG and  sustainability  differ across different scales . In addition, ESG and sustainability strategies , goals, and materiality are  different for each  company. This differences also include   the company  mission, vision, values, and culture .

With a growing pressure from investors and a rapid shift from voluntary to regulatory sustainability reporting and compliance in many jurisdictions, sectors, and industries, coupled with consumer awareness and preference, each company is looking for an owned solution that is in line with global sustainability  initiatives , frameworks and standards. The starting point is training and capacity building  to company  board of directors who set the tune  for the company , management teams that implement the strategy , and the rest of  workforce that put actions .

Capdev Institute is specialized in providing  company-based, holistic Corporate ESG and sustainability master-class in-house trainings that qualify for training  expense  reimbursement.

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