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…building individual competence and institutional capacity to solve complex and interlinked, ever-evolving societal challenges of the modern world without leaving anyone behind.

Who we Are

Capdev Institute (CI) is a training and capacity development institution on a mission to improve individual competency and institutional capacity to navigate emerging complex and interlinked challenges in dealing with risk and taking up opportunities in climate change, suitability, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors across the world for business resilience for localised and focused solutions but within progressive global frameworks and practices.

To achieve this objective, the Institute, in partnership with credible institutions and distinguished and competent individuals, uses engaging e-learning courses, in-house trainings, and workshops blended with exciting and memorable study tours and case studies.

We continually update our learning courses to align with current needs and emerging global trends. You can view and enrol in a variety of courses on the course page or reach out to us for customised in-house training and workshops for your employees.

  • Flexibility and self-paced schedule  in learning.
  • Engaging  with access to media assets and case studies.
  • Monitoring  progress and the testing of knowledge.
  • Issuance of a scannable digital certificate .
  • Employers’ reimbursement of training expenses.
  • Employee empowerment to drive resilience and sustainable business.
  • Competitiveness  and  regulatory compliance.
Our Vision

To be the premier regional capacity development institute most admired for expertise, partnerships, and superior experience.


To be a trusted partner in meeting the present training needs of our clients without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own development needs.

Core Values

Integrity & Trust

We are an institute that can be trusted for the quality of our services and the substance of our output. We always believe in keeping promises.


We value our partners, customers, and stakeholders and work to consistently provide the top-notch experience to each of them.


Our service delivery is customer-centric, with a professional approach to leaving a positive impact on each and every one of them for long lasting engagement into the future.


We believe in and work to advance the Sustainable Development Goals as set out in the Paris Agreement through our individual experts and partners’ institutions, who have accumulated knowledge and experience in climate risk management and resilience building for positive results for our clients and us.

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